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Intolerance Testing in IgG4 levels.

What are the facts behind testing IgG4 levels?

Testing IgG4 levels. What are all the facts about intolerance testing?

Did you know that food intolerances can occur if you overindulge on a certain item? You’re not alone. Many people did not know this and so they continue to eat their favourite foods on a regular basis and do not realise why they are experiencing symptoms. If the body is continuously exposed to a certain item or antigen, this then leads to a class switch from IgG1 to IgG4 antibody production.

Learning about food intolerances

intolerance testingMany people who are not aware that intolerances can be developed and caused by an overindulgence on a certain item. If the body is continuously exposed to a certain item or antigen then this could lead to a class switch from IgG1 to IgG4 antibody production. What happens here is that these IgG4 antigen complexes do not then activate the complement cascade. This is why intolerance testing can be so beneficial and tell you whether you are eating too much of the same food.

Why do we test for IgG4 levels and what is the process behind it?

Pet Health At Home test for IgG4 over IgG1 or total IgG because intolerance testing for IgG4 results in lower number of false-positives. This allows us to deliver more accurate, targeted results. There are four subclasses of IgG and the most commonly tested are IgG1 and IgG4. These are then produced in response to food antigens, meaning our scientists are able to identify an individual’s sensitivities.

More information about testing for IgG4 levels instead of IgG1

Furthermore, as IgG1 are first responders, we possess the ability to reach new food antigens by joining antigens and forming complexes. From here, these complexes are quickly destroyed by immune system cells, known as macrophages. These IgG1 antibodies then additionally activate further immune reactions, and as such, they complement cascade and inflammation.


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What is an IgG4 Antigen Complex?

Testing both IgG1 and IgG4 levels can sometimes lead to people removing certain foods from their diet even though they have no reason to. Eliminating foods unnecessarily can cause harm to an individual because they then miss out on their favourite foods or they do not then consume the correct amount of nutrients. Presenting itself as an antibody, IgG4 levels are a more clinically applicable marker of chronic food-immune reactions. This also includes possible intestinal hyperpermeability.

So, why is testing IgG4 levels an advantage for us?

Intolerance testing is extremely beneficial as it may mean you are able to say goodbye to those irritating symptoms like a bloated stomach, headaches, a runny nose, and an irritable stomach. Compared to each other, IgG4 measurements are less likely to produce false-positives.

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